STEAM Programs

STEAM represents a paradigm shift from traditional education philosophy, based on standardized test scores, to a modern ideal which focuses on valuing the learning process as much as the results. In essence, we dare our students to be wrong, to try multiple ideas, listen to alternate opinions and create a knowledge base that is applicable to real life as opposed to simply an exam.
Deron Cameron
Former UPES Principal – US's 1st STEAM Certified School
Current TCSS Curriculum Coordinator

Latest News


Invited Roundtable Presenter at Open Innovations Forum: Co-presented with the Russian Secretary of Science and Education, Dmitry Livanov.  “From Professional Occupations to Competencies: Human Capital Assets of the Future” – Moscow, Russia (October 14, 2014)


Keynote at the Shanghai Forum on STEM Literacy – Shanghai, China (September 13, 2014 )


‘STEM is incredibly valuable, but if we want the best innovators we must teach the arts’ September 5, 2014. Washington Post. Pdf: STEM is incredibly valuable but needs arts Washington Post sep52014