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STEAM: A Framework for Teaching Across the Disciplines

STEAM = Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.

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GY was part of a roundtable discussion at the Open Innovations International Business Forum in October 2014 on the topic of Education and Global Human Capital
GY Keynoted at the Shanghai STEM Conference September, 2014 hosted by the SSAYT

2014 Summer Certification Camps
June 26 & 27 - Mosier, OR - PDF
July 15 & 16 - Phoenix, AZ - PDF
July 21 & 22 - Winnsboro, SC - PDF

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Discarding Textbooks: Learning Science by Doing Science: What is STEAM education, and why it matters. – by David Cutler

  NSTA STEM Expo May 15 & 16

   Camp - New Orleans, LA - May 12 &13

EdTech STEAM Magazine articles #1 & #2!
Schools Shift from STEM to STEAM &
7 Guidelines for Building a STEAM Program
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May 3rd Keynote at Upward Bound / TRIO STEAM Conference in Chicago, IL

Thanks to Practical Homeschooling Magazine for including us in your article about STEM/STEAM!

March Camp:
1 Day Camp in Orlando, FL March 26th, 2014

February 2014 - NEW Logos!
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ONLY STEAM Certified Educators & Programs have authorization to use these images, they are Trademarked!!


January 2014
2-Day Camp near Raleigh/Durham, NC - January 21st-22nd, 2014-

December 2013

The STEAM Pyramid in SPANISH!
La Piramide del STEAM en ESPANOL

Spanish STEAMPyramid2014small

Many thanks to the translator volunteers
 Natalia Neira & Vincent de Jesus!
An article about using go to teach STEAM came out in the American Go E-Journal: From STEM to STE@M, Teaching Go Along the Way

November 2013
A month of research, reviewing & writing.

GY has been invited to participate in UNICEF’s Computer-Based Math Education Summit in NYC Nov 21-22.

October 2013
Great new STEAM article published in
T.H.E. Journal

GY attended the World Innovation Summit on Education (WISE) Conference in Qatar and an international meeting on STEAM education while over there - EXCITING to watch STEAM ‘dissipate’ internationally! Article

October’s tour includes custom professional development sessions in Detroit, Alabama, Texas, Chicago-area and a meeting in the Middle East.

Spring 2013
STEAM Education is recognized in a post by Stanley Beaman and Sears 4/1/13.

February 2013
2013 STEAM Education Program Description

NEW STEAM Education Poster - FREE Download!

There is now a STEAM  Congressional Caucus that
“will work to increase  awareness of the importance of STEAM education and explore new  strategies to advocate for STEAM programs." The Caucus is led by  Representatives Suzanne Bonamici (D/OR) and Aaron Schock (R/IL).

There is a House Resolution #51 regarding adding the Arts to  STEM (2 pages)

PLEASE sign the  petition at:
** and, if possible, please comment that STEAM is already being done and for the Caucus to include the current movement and my research while looking at it as a  national initiative.

FALL 2012

See the download ‘Why STEAM,’ written for educators, administrators, business leaders and community members to explain why STEAM Education has developed, is implemented and the reasoning for its use and the successes for programs adding this framework.

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STEAM Education aims to bring FUNctional literacy to all. It promotes bridging the gap between business and educational goals to create a more productive and sustainable global culture based on teamwork. This educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all members of any educational system.

The video below is a synopsis of the program highlighting teachers, administrators and students engaging the STEAM framework.


 See the video below where the founding researcher and educator of STEAM education,  Georgette Yakman, describes, at the ISKME 2011 Big Ideas Fest, how her childhood influences led her to develop an interest into formally bringing the variety of the Arts fields into the STEM movement.


The STEAM Pyramid


Georgette Yakman, STEAM Education