2nd Int’l STEAM Conference at ITEEA April 2018 Atlanta

February 02, 2018 11:45 AM / Topics: Presentations, STEAM Education

Calling all STEAMed Up Educators!
Join us April 11th – 14th, 2018


The 2nd STEAM Conference Strand

is powered by the ITEEA’s 80th Annual Conference and STEAM Education.


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 April 11th – Wednesday Session: 8 AM to 5 PM

STEAM Professional Development Workshop

STEAM Education’s Georgette Yakman presents a professional development course that comes with a one year access to resources with research, program development, PBL/RBL with team and project/lesson ideas and more! More Info!


STEAM Education Strand – Designated Page

  1. Thursday – 8-8:50 – Maker projects allow teaching integrated STEAM subjects, but designing content-focused projects can be challenging. Guidance for implementing a college-level STEAM Maker Project. -Falls
  2. Thursday – 1-1:50 – The most crucial skill needed by 21st Century students is arguably Critical Thinking. STEAM principles to intentionally teach Critical Thinking. – Liu
  3. Thursday – 2-2:50 – The interest and engagement, academic, socio-emotional learning and neuro-cognition impacts of integrative STEAM education. – Cruz
  4. Thursday – 3-3:50 – Where and how STEAM is impacting things globally after 11 years. – Yakman
  5. Thursday – 4-4:50 – Program coordinators will share pictures of their spaces, equipment and supplies for STEAM labs and elementary, middle and high school levels. – Wright
  6. Friday – 8-8:50 –  Rediscover your passion for teaching by destroying “the box”. Participants will learn about the strategies we used to successfully implement STEAM education in our school system. – Haynes
  7. Friday – 1-1:50 –  A rapid-prototyping sharing session with US and Global experts on STEM/STEAM – bring your questions and comments! – Luksha
  8. Friday – 2-2:50 – Invited international participants will present briefly and then open to discussion on how it may or may not work with other systems of education to build a global network of learners. – Cruz
  9. Friday – 3-3:50 – Invited members of the Atlanta and national STEAMpunk communities will present on the intersection of portable environments, fashion, education and the maker movement. – STEAMpunkers
  10. Saturday – 8-8:50 – STEAM virtually integrated with augmented and virtual reality and also on LMS and MOOC platforms. – TBA
  11. Saturday – 9-9:50 – Presentation and workshop on developing integrative STEAM teams, programs and visions. – Degenhardt


STEAM is an international community of interdisciplinary educators, local and international administrators, and informal program representatives interested in educational research and practice across the spectrum of the subject areas. We are providing a dedicated space to collect those working from their expertise to connect to others and build a stronger global educational community of sharing practices.

The strand will have specialized sessions on how Technology/Engineering/STEM can provide the “what and how” to the contextual “who and why” of the fields of the Arts—as integrated with the subjects of Design, Society, Language, Music, and Physical Education. The strand will include workshops, practicum ideas, round-table discussions and panels.


The STEAM strand sessions at the ITEEA Annual Conference can be attended by all conference participants. No separate registration is required.


iteeaThe International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) promotes technological literacy for all by supporting the teaching of technology and engineering and promoting the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits.



A message to STEAM Educators at the 79th ITEEA STEM/STEAM Conference from
US House Representative Senator Bonamici from Oregon
STEAM Education Bill Sponsor:

A letter to STEAM Educators at the 79th ITEEA STEM/STEAM Conference from
US House Representative Senator Warner from Virginia: