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[Observation] STEAM teaching and learning

By Joe Feng-day / Capital Normal University Department of Educational Technology Published Article in Chinese: Full Translation of Article Below: STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “It is designed to enable students to participate in learning based on activities, projects and problem solving. It provides a hands-on classroom experience where […]


Brazoria County Students Gaining STEAM

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By Erinn Callahan Published Article: Full Article Below: It seemed like a passing fad — a flashy way to spice up the traditional science, technology, engineering and math curriculum that soon would go the way of chalkboards and cursive writing. A look into Rhonda Church’s Brazosport High School classroom will reveal that is not […]


STEAM talk explores relationship between art, science in education

By Katie Camero Published Article: Full Article Below: STEM is an acronym concerning the numerical and experimental side of education, standing for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However, art and design were added to make STEAM — a new policy in K-20 education that teaches students the value of art and design for innovation. […]


New way of teaching picks up STEAM in EMSB schools

By Katherine Wilton Published Article: Download PDF of article Full Article Below: Shortly after becoming principal at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School, Anna Sanalitro knew something had to be done with the school’s seldom-used computer room. The room had about 18 computers that had become obsolete because they were too old and too slow. […]


STEAM Education December 2016 Newsletter

Read the latest STEAM Education news and updates in our December Newsletter!


Teaching Theatre with Video Games and Virtual Reality through STEAM!

By DAN STAHL How local drama teachers use technology in their classrooms — As an arts journalist and K-12 curriculum writer, I constantly find myself wondering how the theatre can (and should) intersect with the rest of a student’s schedule. That’s why I’m drawn to STEAM. STEAM is an education initiative that integrates disciplines: science, […]


Developing STEAM Education to Improve Students’ Innovative Ability

An Interview with Prof. Georgette Yakman, a Famous American STEAM Educator BY: Zhao Hui Chen, Associate Professor, Henan University School of Education Science, Henan Province, the development of information technology research; Lu Xiaoting, Master, Henan University School of Education Science. Published Article: Article PDF in Chinese: Article PDF in English: Editor ‘s note with […]


Thoughts from G. Yakman on the Growing trend of hiring Educators without education experience

“Starting Monday, Utah Schools can hire people without education training, experience”| The Saltlake Tribune from article above: “An existing path (to become a teacher in most states) gives permits to school district employees after one to three years of practice teaching and college classes. The new license, heavily criticized since being approved by the (Utah) […]


STEM to STEAM Critical Article and STEAM Founder’s G. Yakman’s Response

Adding an ‘A’ to STEM is madness Evan, I understand your concerns for STEM education and what some may believe to be the crux of the STEM to STEAM movement. Although, I would frame it as a step in the right direction towards whole-person contextual learning. I will agree that there are numerous programs out […]


Bob Weir of Grateful Dead is promoting STEAM education!

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Bob Weir of Grateful Dead is promoting STEAM education! – It’s great that musicians are using their visibility and influence to back the STEAM cause now.   Bob Weir Talks About Wanting To Continue Touring For The Rest Of His Life [Watch]

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