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Career Opportunities

  • STEAM Education Job Announcement 30June2017

  • Central Coordinator – more than an office manager

  • Marketing Manager – Manage promotional and social media

  • Business Manager – Product and services analysis and management


General Inquiries – Office Manager –

  • For inquiries about our programs, products, professional development or talks and phone meeting requests.

International Inquiries – Global Manager –

  • For clients based outside of the United States.

Media Requests – Marketing Manager –

  • For media requests including: interviews, publication requests, newsletter and endorsement packages.

Customer Support – Support Manager –

  • For online account access and uploading and downloading documents and website issues.

Financial Offices – Business Manager –

  • For inquiries about sales processes, contracts and invoicing.


Mailing Address – All mail should be directed here.

STEAM Education

P.O. Box 996

Arlington, VT 05250

STEAM Headquarters – Marion, VA

STEAM Offices – MA, TX, VA, VT


Phone Services

Since STEAM is becoming increasingly popular, we are no longer able to work efficiently while maintaining open phone lines to our offices. Please understand that phone meetings are generally scheduled at least two weeks ahead of time. The colleagues handling these accounts can answer most questions and general requests. Since STEAM is adaptable, we like having the personalized email discussions to reference with each inquiry. We try to answer all emails within 2 business days.

Company Transparency Statement

STEAM Education was developed in 2006 while G. Yakman was a graduate student at VA Tech in Integrated STEM Education. STEAM Education as a business has been a personally funded company since 2007, so as to be able to be independent of the wishes and directions of funders. This is also the reason that our company is not an organization, but instead a for-profit company. There are politics involved in accepting research dollars, and we wanted the program to be as free of influences as possible to able to reflect the direct needs of students based on current conditions, epistemologists, educational theorists, practitioners, cognitive development understandings, psychology and other fields of study relevant to education.

Our company specializes in offering services for creating a network of educational professionals nationally and internationally to create real-time integrated curriculum for use in a wide spectrum of individual situations. G. Yakman personally offers: consulting, speaking, and developing and/or coordinating projects, programs and other educational companies.

As STEAM Education has developed and refined, much work has been donated by our team, as we all believe here that it is more important for education to be made better for everyone than for us to make money. We work hard to provide useful services, respond to the needs of our clients, and charge fees to cover the maintenance of the system and to provide liveable but modest incomes for our team.

If you feel that improving education is important and you wish for us to be able to help more organizations for reduced or minimal costs, please consider donating to a program of your choice to help fund their research and development of using STEAM education. If you wish to sponsor us to work with a specific group please contact the head of the group and us to match needs and schedules.

Thank you for caring about making all education better for everyone!