FLEX Text Leveling Program Announcement!

November 11, 2017 10:01 AM / Topics: International, Language

FLEX is a “text leveling” program that does content analysis on writing – like a virtual tutor or editor helper!

FLEX highlights text for readers above a selected level of reading ability in English (US or UK)!


FLEX analyzes text that you have written so that you can be sure that it is understandable for your readers at a selected level of reading ability in English (US or UK)!


Students, professionals, educators, writers, journalists, editors, lesson planners and job applicants can adjust the reading level of your text up or down to suit your intended audience.


FLEX makes suggestions to improve accuracy and allows you as the writer or editor to select justified ways in which to amend and edit text. Just paste in your text and FLEX will analyze and highlight words and sentences for those areas that do not match the skill level selected!


A variety of of readability scores are provided in the analysis results including: the Flesch-Kincaid Grade, Dale-Chall Grade, SMOG Grade Score and more. The analysis also includes sentence and word counts, unique word counts, unknown words, syllables, etc. You can then edit the text and re-run the analysis as often as you like for various grade levels.


Other FLEX features:

  • edit & save your content in a variety of grade levels

  • individual word analysis

  • suggested synonyms

FLEX helps:

  • Authors, writers & editors are better able keep a similar ‘voice for writing.’

  • Students learning English or improving their vocabulary are gently guided to understand the meaning with synonyms they may more easily recognize vs a singular definition.

  • Educators are able to assist students by more easily writing their instructions, assessments and examples at the appropriate grade level.

  • Media writers and journalists are offered a variety of words that may be more accurate or engaging!

  • Researchers are offered alternate words that may frame a scope in a more neutral way!

  • Families and community members are able to help each other, second-language learners and all children learn read things that would otherwise be too difficult to understand.

  • It can be like having an English-vocabulary context tutor in your pocket!

Licenses to access FLEX are available for purchase through the buttons below.

FLEX Instructions – Registration – Sign-In & Use – PDF


The Student FLEX licenses are for:

  • parents to assist their children in optimizing text for their grade level (e.g. tutoring programs)
  • anyone under 18 years of age, students 18+ attending college full-time or enrolled in any graduate course
  • foreign students who are applying for college, internships, or entering a young job market into English speaking areas

Purchase a Student Single User 30-Day License

Purchase a Student Multi-User 30-Day License (10+ users)

The Educator FLEX licenses are for:

  • Title 1 schools
  • Whole school or remediation staff
  • English as a second language staff

Purchase an Educator Single User 30-Day License

Purchase an Educator Multi-User 30-Day License (10+ users)

The Professional FLEX licenses are perfect for all types of professional users:

  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Translators
  • Marketing professionals, etc

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Purchase a Professional Multi-User 30-Day License (10+ users)