First International / US STEAM Conference Strand March 2017

March 03, 2017 10:10 AM / Topics: Presentations, STEAM Education

Calling all STEAMed Up Educators!
Join us March 15th – 18th, 2017

The First International / US STEAM Conference Strand is powered by the ITEEA’s 79th Annual Conference and STEAM Education.

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STEAM is an international community of interdisciplinary educators, local and international administrators, and informal program representatives interested in educational research and practice across the spectrum of the subject areas. We are providing a dedicated space to collect those working from their expertise to connect to others and build a stronger global educational community of sharing practices.

The strand will have specialized sessions on how Technology/Engineering/STEM can provide the “what and how” to the contextual “who and why” of the fields of the Arts—as integrated with the subjects of Design, Society, Language, Music, and Physical Education. The strand will include workshops, practicum ideas, roundtables and panels.

The STEAM strand sessions at the ITEEA Annual Conference can be attended by all conference participants. No separate registration is required.

A message to STEAM Educators at the 79th ITEEA STEM/STEAM Conference from
US House Representative Senator Bonamici from Oregon
STEAM Education Bill Sponsor:

A letter to STEAM Educators at the 79th ITEEA STEM/STEAM Conference from
US House Representative Senator Warner from Virginia:

Georgette Yakman received the 2017 Prakken Professional Cooperation Award

Conference Schedule:
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Wednesday Session:

  • 8 AM to 5 PM STEAM Professional Development Workshop: STEAM Education’s Georgette Yakman presents a professional development course that comes with a one year access to resources with research, program development, PBL/RBL with team and project/lesson ideas and more!


Thursday Sessions:






Friday Sessions:





Saturday Sessions:


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Affiliated Professional Development Workshop – on March 15th

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