Professional Development & Program Certification

Our primary focus is providing professional development for individuals and educational programs to assist and support the transition to a STEAM platform.

Educators participating in a STEAM workshop project

STEAM Education Training and Curriculum Writer Certification Packages  

Integrated STEAM: why it’s being done, how it works, how it affects you, your school and your community.


3 types of training packages


All include a year’s individual access to:

  • includes an introduction to STEAM framework and theory, program and classroom establishment

  • supporting adaptable documents on how to create personalized STEAM lesson plans and student portfolios

  • training to understand and deliver integrative STEAM RBL’s (Reality Based Lessons)

  • access to the network creating the bank of lesson plans

  • certification membership includes personalized help from our staff of creating custom STEAM lesson plan

  • Join over 2900 educators from 37 countries and 50 states

  • For additional years you can choose to renew your account for full access to the training documents or you can purchase standalone access to the growing Lesson Plan Bank.


Flow Chart for Professional Development Options     

The these sessions are geared for educators and are also appropriate for museum affiliates and out-of-school program facilitators.  Store Page 


For access to the understanding the base concepts as a parent, business owner or interested person, Tier 1 is an inexpensive introduction.

STEAM Teacher Curriculum Development Work Session

VIRTUAL STEAM Professional Development – Full Course

Where an administrator, curriculum coordinator, informal educator or teacher log-in at their own pace to learn to use the STEAM framework.


Our Tier 4 Professional Development Course / Membership

This course includes theory, program and classroom establishment guidelines for customizing and delivering STEAM lesson plans into your program.


Tier 5 Professional Development Membership 

Completing Tier 5 results in writing and submitting a vetted STEAM Lesson Brief to become a STEAM Certified Educator.

This shows you are able to write curriculum as an educational expert to create integrative lesson plans including all the subject divisions of STEAM, including the core and primary extension courses.

Tier 5 course offers access to the full range of theory, program development how-to and adaptive documents, including the bank of STEAM lesson plans and full video training with book chapters.

This level includes the option of receiving a STEAM certification of a STEAM curriculum writer by going through the course, completing the research surveys and having a lesson plan vetted and approved to be shared with the network.

Testimonial: “We found Georgette’s training to be very delightful and helpful. We were excited to be the first Saudi school to train with STEAM Education.

We are very proud of our students doing non-traditional projects for girls and boys to bring our students forward with 21st century skills and concepts.” Mohammad Abbas, Academic Director – Al Kifah Private Schools


What is covered in a training session?


What are some more details on certified STEAM lesson plans?


Does our school need special equipment to get started with STEAM?


Program Certification – STEAM Program Objectives
We offer a transition support Program Certification to implement the paradigm shift to become a STEAM school as a supplement to a STEAM certified staff. The first year of a school’s transition is key to building the foundation and some schools prefer more support during that time. See our suggested process for a first year transition outlined by role HERE.


International STEAM Professional Development
All domestically offered services are available for international requests including Staff Training, Program Certification, Keynotes & Presentations and Consulting. This training is currently offered in English.


Consulting for schools and institutions is contracted on an individual basis. Please contact us at for a complete list of current programs and pricing. Many schools are getting sponsorship and grants, Title I funds or local businesses to reduce their direct costs.

The most economical way to receive training is to sign up for the membership that includes the video training.

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Testimonial: “Today, 3rd grade hosted a ‘cultural fair’ for Pre-K students as the culmination of their STEAM unit (What Defines Culture?). Third grade spent the past month investigating language, food, clothing, architecture, etc., to determine how cultures differ across the globe. They Skyped with people in Europe, raised money for a charity in Africa. They built iconic world structures. On and on. Today, for Pre-K, they printed and stamped passports, served food, gave computer tours, performed as mimes, gave Henna tattoos, played music, wrote hieroglyphics.

I say this because I think it is the best STEAM project we’ve ever done. It hit multiple math, reading, science standards and had infusions of art, geography, multiculturalism AND included 7 Habits (charity work, fair done for Pre-K). This is what we envisioned a few years ago. You might not be here physically, but this is really from your desire to be innovative and teach in a better way.” Brian Rose, STEAM Coordinator at University Place Elementary School