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Our primary focus is providing professional development for individuals and educational programs to assist and support the transition to a STEAM platform.

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STEAM Education Training and Curriculum Writer Certification Packages  


3 types of training packages

  • Individual Educators

  • Staff Programs

    • virtual start with on-site option – discounted 4-pack option for smaller staff or contact us for groups of 25 of more.

  • Regions / Governments 

    • both public and private international networks are establishing regionally – contact our Global Coordinator for more information.

All include:

  • training to understand and deliver integrative STEAM RBL’s (Reality Based Lessons) is a prerequisite to becoming a certified curriculum writer


  • an introduction to STEAM and allows educators to adapt the educational framework and theory to their specialty and style


  • includes an introduction to STEAM framework and theory, program and classroom establishment, as well as instructions on how to create personalized STEAM lesson plans and student portfolios.


  • each registrant will receive their own online account to complete their virtual professional development


  • certification membership includes personalized help from our staff of creating custom STEAM lesson plans



The focus of these professional development sessions is to learn about Integrated Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts & Math Education: why it’s being done, how it works, how it affects you, your school and your community.

The these sessions are geared for educators and are also appropriate for museum affiliates and out-of-school program facilitators. STEAM Program Description pdf

For access to the understanding the base concepts as a parent, business owner or interested person, Tier 1 is an inexpensive introduction.



What is covered in a Professional Development  session?
Learn about Integrated Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts & Math Education: why it’s being done, how it works, how it affects you, your school and your community.


Our training curriculum includes theory, program and classroom establishment instructions and help writing custom STEAM lesson briefs. It results in being prepared to write and submit a vetted STEAM Lesson Brief to become a STEAM Certified Educator. Certification requires about another 4 hours for completing a lesson plan and the process, less if training with a team.


Our Tier 4 Professional Development Membership training level assists educators to deliver lessons with STEAM theory.

1 year access for professional development and practicum through our set of training videos (about 7 1/2 hours total run-time) plus transcripts, program documents, and one-year access to our STEAM Lesson Plan Bank. Going through the professional development will help you to be able to plan and deliver fully-integrated lesson plans  and create a STEAM educational setting.


Tier 5 Professional Development Membership includes additional help from our staff of writing custom STEAM lesson briefs which result in being STEAM Certified. A certification shows that you can contribute to creating fully-integrated lesson plans for a program.


Both STEAM Trained and Certified educators will have access to the training and teaching documents as well as the live bank of STEAM lesson plans for a year after their training, including updates made and new documents added during that time.


What are STEAM Educator Professional Development with Certification Options?
We now offer our FULL BASIC STEAM PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT VIRTUALLY where an administrator , curriculum coordinator, informal educator or teacher log-in at their own pace to learn to use the STEAM framework. This is a great way for an administrator or lead educator to see if the program is a good fit for their whole program’s needs.


Administrators and individuals or small groups of teachers, museum curators, camp directors and home-school educators are the primary attendees for this professional development.

You can check our Store Page for virtual professional development and workshop events.


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Educator Certification Training for all packages includes:

  • Theory and Reasoning – Virtual Training Only – Pre On-Site

    • Introduction to the STEAM framework

    • Review of epistemology and pedagogy of STEM/STEAM

    • Learn about the commons of the subjects

    • Class management tactics – behavioral & interdisciplinary

    • Meeting extensions for all types of learners

    • Review of previous examples of STEAM projects and programs

  • Practicum and Plan Creation – Virtual or On-Site

    • Reasoning for and how to create STEAM Teams for educators and students

    • Examples of STEAM themes & interdisciplinary PBL styled projects – hands-on

    • Program sustainability considerations and tactics

    • Partnerships, sponsorship and grants advice

    • Community Outreach structure and STEAM school events

    • Lesson plan creation/expansion based on benchmarks


What are some more details on certified STEAM lesson plans?
There is a growing bank of STEAM lesson plans that are contributed by teachers with a similar philosophy – integrated meaningful reality-based STEAM education. The first sets of teachers in the network helped frame the lesson plan template and, as things develop in the educational world, the template is adaptable to accommodate shifts. The lesson plan template is a device for educators to have a structure that helps coordinate ideas across the spectrum of subjects and is adaptable for all educational levels. Once the lesson plans are inclusive across the subject areas for a specific educational level and are certified, they are uploaded and offered to the network.


The point of having educators write STEAM lesson plans to contribute to a commons is two-fold: the first is to verify that they understand how to build a STEAM lesson plan after the training and to receive suggestions on how to make them more well-rounded and polished, the second is to give voice to the educational experts, the teachers in the field, to create a standards-based, live curriculum better than any individual educational program or company can alone. By having STEAM certified teachers contribute at least one lesson plan to the commons, the plans become searchable by the network and everyone is submitting work that can be used, tweaked, updated and supported by similarly minded teachers around the world. It is possible that, with good contributions, there will be enough lesson plans online very soon so that educators can pick and choose variations of lessons teaching similar level topics to build a personalized curriculum that works for their students.


In order to maintain the structure that supports impassioned educators to collaborate freely and without biases towards funders, we have to charge to have access to and be a part of the network that shares ideas and lesson plans.

Most states offer professional development points for educational publications, so educators would have the added benefit of being able to apply for additional PD points for any approved lesson plans that they submit.


Does our school need special equipment to get started with STEAM?
It can be quite helpful to have a STEAM lab with work tables and open spaces that classes can use for constructing things, but it is not necessary. As STEAM labs are unique to each school, we offer help in designing them. No special space or equipment is required to be a STEAM school, but highly recommended are: a STEAM room for building things, a grade level appropriate technology education shop/lab and a clean room for robotics equipment, some garden beds and greenhouses with a hydroponics lab, and a 3D printer. If the district is capable of offering electronics to students, we suggest laptops, not tablets and iPads. Laptops provide the ability for students to go much deeper with their studies. We do hope that programs are able to at least offer a 1:4 ratio of laptops for their students.


Details on International STEAM Professional Development
All domestically offered services are available for international requests including Staff Training, Program Certification, Keynotes & Presentations and Consulting. The most economical way to receive training is to sign up for the membership that includes the video training. This training is currently offered in English; please contact us to give us feedback on what other languages would be most useful to have a translation in.


Program Certification – STEAM Program Objectives
We offer a transition support Program Certification to implement the paradigm shift to become a STEAM school as a supplement to a STEAM certified staff. It generally takes 3-5 years to transition a school program to fully adopt and use a new paradigm. The first year of a school’s transition is key to building the foundation and some schools prefer more support during that time. See our suggested process for a first year transition outlined by role HERE. We now offer a fully virtual Program Certification package. However, most of our programs have traditionally chosen to bring the STEAM Education staff on-site for the benefit of customized professional development, as well as curricular help and support. While we highly recommend on-site visits, they are no longer required for Program Certification. The virtual Program Certification package is available for programs who are unable to accommodate on-site visits and instead requires the Program to provide photos and videos of the program as well as potentially schedule Skype time with the STEAM Education staff for support during first-year implementation.


90% of school staff must be trained as a prerequisite to the Program Certification completion, including at least one administrator, one guidance officer, all extension teachers and 90% of the professional staff in each site program. If necessary, additional staff training can be accomplished by having individuals receive the training at a STEAM training camp or through the on-line training site.

A STEAM Coordinator is suggested for school and/or district wide programs.


Consulting for schools and institutions is contracted on an individual basis. Please contact us at for a complete list of current programs and pricing. Many schools are getting sponsorship and grants, Title I funds or local businesses to reduce their direct costs.

Updated: Sun Oct 29th, 2017