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STEAM Keynotes, Speeches and Presentations

Georgette Yakman is available for consulting, professional development programs and speaking engagements.

She’s routinely sought out to talk about both general and specific applications of the STEAM platform for audiences of students, academics, businesses, policy makers and communities on FUNctional and inspiring topics.

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Excellent for administrative and legislative audiences as well as educators in the field. Here are a few of the topics that she has been most requested to speak on:

  • STEAM Education – Integrated Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and  Mathematics
    A substantiated and reality-based framework for teaching across the disciplines.
  • Global Sustainability with STEAM or STEAM = STEM + Humanity
    Specifically addressing Universal and Program Sustainability Topics
  • Demystifying STEAM or STEAMing up STEM
    Making sense of the multiple views of what the emerging concept of STEAM is and how to decide which aspects best fit your needs and goals.
  • STEAM epiSTEMology: S-T-E-M Silos Leading to Integrated STEM
    The history of modern education as related to integrated and holistic learning.
  • Technology & Engineering Education and STEAM: Same but Different
    How the developing practices of STEAM movements relate to the well-established field of T&E Education
  • Building an International STEAM Outreach Network
    How developing STEAM programs can work together to achieve common goals while still filling individualized needs for different markets.


  • STEAM Inputs, Outputs and Impacts
    Exploring hands-on lesson plans and reality-based experiments to show the interconnections and reactionary ripple effects on all other subjects included under the ‘silos’ of Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math, including the language and social sciences.
  • STEAM Based Go – Baduk – WeiQui
    An ancient Asian game used to teach purposefully integrated STEM/STEAM Education
  • Around the World in Many Ways
    An adaptable single lesson or multiple subject based lesson plan revolving around transportation systems that represents an example of STEAM based learning.

Additional Offerings

Customized speeches are available upon request, email contact@steamedu.com

The usual speaking engagement compensation includes the honorarium as well as reimbursement for travel, lodging and meals during the time of the contract, but discounted rates will apply if it is scheduled during the same trip as a STEAM training.

Quote from Jeff Pridie – Arts Educators of Minnesota President

“Your presentation was the talk of the whole day on Friday and well into Saturday.  Walking around and listening to conversations among conference participants and to hear your presentation mentioned as part of their conversation is what the conference is all about.  Teachers were discussing how to integrate, collaborations that could be built with in their buildings. It was the ‘think’ shift AEM was looking for that your keynote inspired. Again, thank you for your inspiring words and sharing that with Art Educators of Minnesota.”

Quote from a representative of the Shanghai Science Association of Young Talents

“We have to thank you again for your coming to Shanghai and presenting us such wonderful speeches! It was such a big success!”